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Rev. Eliza Blanchard

When do caregivers need spiritual care?

  • When you need someone to listen
  • When you have hard choices to make
  • When you feel compassion fatigue
  • When you feel yourself burning out

Why spiritual care matters:

Caregiving makes special and often hidden demands on us, demands that can easily decrease our capacity to cope and maintain our commitment to such care.

Spiritual renewal can help.

An experienced, ordained minister, Rev. Eliza Blanchard, is trained to offer spiritual guidance and nurture to people with a variety of beliefs.

Her calling includes all those who care for animals. She has worked with animals’ companions, veterinary technicians, and hospice and rescue workers.

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September 11th, 2017

My dog, a Maltese/Yorkshire terrier mix, turns 11 this month, and it’s cliched but I can’t believe how fast and far we’ve travelled in that time. She’s considered a senior dog now, and I too count myself an elder. We’ve aged and learned together, this lovely soul and I. The subject of mortality very much […]