Make Way!

Posted by Eliza, February 1st, 2011

Welcome! This blog is about the interconnected web of life that weaves us together. Long known in India as the god Indra’s jeweled net, this sparkling cradle holds all sentient beings.

Having lived in the country, the suburbs, the ex-urbs, and now the city, I’ve become an avid student of this fabric. Because there’s less cover in the city, the threads of the web often stand out in relief. One melting morning in this very snowy winter I rounded a corner with my dog to find a mallard in the middle of the street delicately drinking water from an icy puddle. He looked healthy, but didn’t move away when he saw us, so I tied up my dog and went to check more closely for injuries and get him to a safer spot if needed.

The minute I stepped off the curb, he got up and sidled onto a low drift on the far side of the street. A few minutes later, he was gone. There are ponds, reservoirs and a river nearby, and I couldn’t figure out what would drive a duck away from them until I mentioned my rescue attempt to a friend. She thought that the usual duck hang-outs were most likely frozen. I have another theory: since we’re halfway to spring, the duck might have been scouting for a new house lot and got thirsty touring the various neighborhoods.

His careful sipping, the surprise of his nearness, and the reminder of coming spring all gladden my heart. Even more heartening is how wise people were to preserve a necklace of green spaces, realizing a jeweled web for us all. And this legacy now includes charm bracelets, rings, and many similar treasured places across the land. If you’re like me, you can’t remember a time when creatures didn’t feature in your life. Or maybe you came to know and love them later. I look forward to hearing about your encounters with and concerns for our web.


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